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Every Sunday in June, SVDP Youth and Young Adult Missionaries will be washing cars during the 9:30 and 11:30 AM Masses! Parishioners who wish to participate will park in a designated spot for Mass, and our teens will wash and dry your car before you return for a suggested donation! Donations will benefit MISSION 2022, serving the people of the Diocese of Brownsville, and SVDP representatives attending Steubenville 2022. CLICK THE PIC ABOVE TO HELP!

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MAY 22, june 5, july 10 , 2pm in the svdp PAC

WHAt is mission?

Mission is a week-long service event and retreat that will empower high school teens, young adults, and adult leaders to faithfully proclaim the Gospel, fight against homelessness and poverty, and experience a deep spiritual renewal, in a fun and energetic social atmosphere. Mission takes place at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan in San Juan, Texas, and participants will flex their discipleship muscles by serving the surrounding communities of the Diocese of Brownsville. 

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the basilica of our lady of san juan shrine. san juan, texas

Mission serves by providing young people the opportunity to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through contact ministry and physical service. Teens will plan, support, and staff a week-long, bilingual, and 100% free VBS open to anyone in the surrounding area in pre-k through grade 8. Additionally, Mission participants will also spend a great deal of time completing home repairs for impoverished families in the San Juan area. For Mission week, evangelization is a full-time job. 

how does mission serve the church and the marginalized?

why should I go on mission?

Jesus Christ. It is Christ who calls us to be missionaries, and to give life to His Gospel by serving our neighbor in need. Mission is a wonderful opportunity to follow the model of Christ (John 13:15) in solidarity with young people from all over the Diocese of Austin and the people of the Diocese of Brownsville. Plus, Mission is a lot of fun and includes exciting activities like Adoration, Praise & Worship, and a beach day on South Padre Island, Texas.

WHO: Mission is open to youth in 10th grade and older (as of Fall 2022), young adults (non-drivers) 19 - 25, and adult driver/chaperons 26 and above who are willing to dedicate a week of Summer to service to God.  

WHEN: Mission 2021 will take place July 16-23

WHERE: Mission 2022 will take place in the Diocese of Brownsville at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan Shrine in San Juan, Texas

HOW: Mission is volunteer-led! Transportation is provided by volunteer chaperons. Supplies are provided by tuition costs. Mission is not affiliated with any company or organization outside of the parishes participating. 

COST: The cost for Mission participants is $425. This covers transportation, lodging, supplies and all but 4 meals for the week. 

I'm interested. What do I need to know?


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